These two images I was the most satisfied with for final pieces, they show simplicity but also they are very interesting.

There are some editing made in the landscape image to make the buildings standout from the purple sky behind,what made me pick this image for my final piece were the colours of the image,the darkness of the buildings brings out the sky, and the brightness of the sky make the buildings a lot more interesting,so the whole colour and scenery works together to complete the image.

The portrait image has some more contrast and brightness to bring out the color of the eyes. Giorgos is making a sympathetic pose but also a pose that shows his characters side, I picked this photo for my final piece because the facial expression is very interesting, you cant really tell if he is happy, angry, or sad.

These are some other Landscape imagery i took at Wolverhampton and Colchester. Image number 2# is highly edited by Photo-shop changing the color,saturation,contrast, basically changing the whole picture. For me sky light plays a very big role when taking a landscape image because it creates shadows and its own effects on the picture.

These are some photos I took of my roommates Giorgos Poleos ans Stavria Pelengari. I took normal portrait photos with just few faces movements, the pictures are not that much edited apart from the contrast and the brightness of the picture.

These are some pictures I took over the Christmas holidays to improve my blog and my camera skills. I mostly took Landscape images and clouds because they have many different features and many ways to improve and edit them.

Image number 3# is a portrait photo of my girlfriend Annita Makri, it’s a simple pose with no facial expression, I made the image clearer using photoshop making the skin colour light and smooth.

Composior and Composition

23/11 In our lesson today we learnt about composior and composition. In composition  there are a number of established composition guidelines which can be applied in almost any situation, to enhance the impact of a scene.

The frame of the picture is very important, it tells a story and gives you much more information about the image you are viewing.

Rule of the thirds

Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines, the rules say that you should position the important elements along these lines. By doing this it will add balance and much more interest to your photo, you dont always have to use this rule but its good to try it sometimes and sometimes it might make your image more interesting

These are everyday pictures I take with my camera all with different backgrounds from different times of day with different situations and different camera settings. I then edit them to bring out more detail and colour but all depends what type of picture it is. 

1- Picture number one was taken by an i-phone camera, it was the time I was on guard duty in the army. As I turned around to check my area I saw this amazing view both from the trees and sky in front of me, the lighting and composition of the image were perfect.

2- This picture was also taken by an i-phone, I like taking pictures of clouds because they are never the same and make different shapes and sometimes depends on the weather give amazing bright colours, and also you can edit them in numerous ways.

3-5 These three pictures were taken from my new digital samsung 12mp camera, Ive also edited the brightness and the colour of the sky.

6- I placed Christmas lights on my bedrooms window and closed the lights, it made a really nice reflection on the glass next to it also the background of the building lights really blended in.


We had to take portrait photos all with different backgrounds and camera settings, I chose the backgrounds with the most colour which some were blurry and others with detail. All images have be sharpened making each colour and pixel more high def and clear.

Making the most out of your Digital Camera

 I chose this add-vantage module to help me open up a photo-studio in the country i live. We basically get introduced to the camera and its exposure techniques, learn new tactics and settings for each camera at any situation.

In this blog i will be showing you Images,Diary, also explaining everything i do in this module.